MARCH 2014 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 46)

Subject: MARCH 2014 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 46)

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What really goes on in our lives for the time and days to continuously speed in the momentum that turns hours into days into weeks into months? Work, school, catching the trains or buses, rushing from one place to another, the important social media catch-ups, maybe a little television if we are lucky. But all these events tend to alienate our lives from what we can sometimes take for granted – family. In the midst of all the rush, have we actually stopped to smell the roses?

When you reach home at the end of a hectic day, where would you point out as a conducive area for the family to get together? The dining room, maybe? Or the living room? With the design of one of our latest completed Lifestyle Homes, the owners could probably point out at least one place on each level of their 3-storey semi-detached home.

There is more about a Nic & Wes home that meets the eye. For one, feeling the warmth and inviting environment distinguishes a home from a house which is what we take pride in creating. Then it is seeing how the needs and more so the wants in a wish list are incorporated into a design that allows us to merge the nature of the family that ultimately becomes a reflection of them of sorts in stone.

This project home was just such a reflection where the value of family togetherness became the cornerstone of design inspiration.

Previously a single storey house, it was bought over by its current owners and torn down to make way for what it is today. Not a stranger to us, the homeowner and his family had previously engaged us and now were back to entrust us with this project.



With a land area of approximately 3,900 sqf and a spacious frontage, there is enough space to accommodate not one, not two but up to four cars comfortably within the driveway. To the far right, a mosaic tiled ocean blue pool stretches lengthwise with the extension of a shallow pool for the children to enjoy too.


Journeying into the approximately 5,900 sqf built up tropical oasis home, eyes instantly dart to the double volume ceiling complete with a hanging chandelier that emphasizes grandeur of the home.



On the main level, the space is segmented into two living areas which become conducive spots for the adults and children to spend time with their respective guests.



Exploring further in, a dining table reveals itself in a cozy corner which optionally opens up to the side exterior of the home allowing natural breeze to cool the area. A prelude to the rest of the decent size kitchen, an island counter faces the dining table within close proximity. Facing parallel to the island counter, a matching set of cabinets and counter top makes way for a coffee machine and refrigerator that holds stock for refreshments and light entertainment bites without having to intrude into the main kitchen.


Making use of the empty setback at the back of the home, plants line the area which become a calming backdrop to look out to from the kitchen window.


A spacious bedroom complete with ensuite also sits on the main level of the home that makes it appropriate for senior citizens or guests. While the home-lift located next to the entrance, makes travelling from floor to floor convenient.



Heading up to the second storey through the honey brown parquet stairs, three bedrooms share the space with a communal living room linking the floor. Overlooking the first floor, the family space allows interaction between the two storeys for impromptu chit chats.


As Nic & Wes tries to constantly improve the Lifestyle element, we attempted to create a portal of sorts within one of its rooms. A virtual window that can transport you to any part of the world… figuratively of course. Whether it is under the sea or overlooking the Pyramids, a simple room can enjoy the virtual reality of travel.



The adjacent bedroom while less dramatic, ties in with the black and white baroque flair of the floor's theme. Unlike the other rooms in the home, this bedroom is designed with a patio space that can be converted into a nursery or study space.



The final floor, not surprisingly still keeps the family in mind with a room that converts into a home theatre, ideal for the 3-generation family to bond as well as a casual communal television area on the landing. And for the adults, the beach chic balcony space is an ideal spot to unwind with their significant other or with the rest of the family as the sun goes down.

As the saying goes, “the home is where the heart is” and what a better way to make it the rock where the family no matter what age can feel comfortable and have the privacy without compromising the togetherness.



Price is what you pay for a service and/or product. When we use sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors - which would be our preference? Use the 1) Most Cheapest, 2) Most Reliable, 3 ) Most Cost Effective, 4) Best Quality, 5) Most Expensive. Our selective process at Nic & Wes lies within any or all of the list, with the exception of 1) & 5).
It would be great if, 1)Most Cheapest had all the attributes of Most Reliable, Most Cost Effective and Best Quality and how we would wish that could be a reality. But the reality is that the good ones survive because they do not compete on price but on quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and ultimately value.
Value is what you ultimately get. As we go along creating Lifestyle Homes the question is, do we want a house to live in or a value added Lifestyle Home to come back to? The difference is marginal but the value is substantial.

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 Type: Apartment

Tenure: Freehold

List Type: For Sale

Built In: 1,377 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room

Amenities: Close proximity to Novena, Newton and Little India MRT Station and schools (St. Joseph's Institution, Anglo-Chinese Junior School (Newton), Anglo-Chinese School (Junior))

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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