NOVEMBER 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 42)

Subject: NOVEMBER 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 42)

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Home movie theatres are becoming more popular in homes these days among other add-ons. And with the technology readily available, setting up a decent to superb home theatre system is not that difficult.

Crystal clear resolution in HD, 3D effects, an endless variety of DVD movies and economical prices to fit any budget are just some of the enticing features that make it a good time to consider including a home movie theatre, if you haven't already done so. 

While sometimes the initial idea might be daunting or too extravagant to home owners who’ve never had a movie room, it is an ideal space for every member of the family that they ultimately can’t do without. This month we look in to the accessories that can convert an empty room space into a customized multimedia experience.


Colours play a rather crucial role in setting the mood of a home movie theatre. A darker palette reduces and eliminates reflections and helps picture contrast which overall improves the picture quality of the movies played. While black walls would be the most obvious choice, picking colours like maroon, burgundy, blood red, navy or grey are ideal alternatives.


Sound proofing is another crucial feature that will keep the neighbours at bay when watching a massive alien attack at ten o’clock at night. If building works are still well on its way, adding insulation within the walls will conceal the foam. Sound-proofing foam can also be installed within an existing room serving the same function with one minor difference; that being exposed foam unless masked with the addition of false walls.   


No movie room shell can be complete without comfy sofas. Most furniture showrooms carry a variety of sofas to suit your needs. A simple dark sofa can be an ideal entry level option or take it a step further with recliner sofas. These dark furniture options create a more professional design feel to the space.   


Moving on to the exciting part – the gadgets. An LED television is a popular choice for most basic entertainment spaces, but is confined to the rather small screen size that falls short for a more professional-looking multimedia room. A projector easily maximises the screen size to a 100-inch screen. The Viewsonic PJD7820HD projector for instance features 3000 lumens, HDMI, 3D Blu-ray ready, multiple PC and video input options, 1.3x optical zoom, keystone correction, DynamicEco™ and integrated speaker.   


A complimentary product that usually goes hand in hand with the projector would be a screen. These units are available in both automatic and manual lowering systems.


Touching on amps, there are so many products available in the market. An A/V amp like Onyko TX-SR605 becomes the main link connecting the different players to the projector as well as the speakers. This model in particular links up to three HD inputs and one HD output. For non-HD compatible players, there are compatible outputs available.


Depending on the quality of the sound system, prices can range in the hundreds to the thousands. Bose for example is known for their crisp sound quality. A six piece speaker system like the Bose Acoustimass® sound system, ideal for smaller rooms will produce lifelike sounds to the home movie theatre for overall surround sound.


When there is a HD/3D projector installed, it is only natural to head out and get a Blu-Ray/3D player. The Panasonic DMP-BDT320 Blu-Ray/3D player does just that at a very reasonable price. Besides being a Blu-Ray player, streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube and Dailymotion are available for use once connected to a wifi signal.




Going from a basic to more advanced home movie theatre usually includes updated technology or add-ons. Two in particular would include a wireless router for online access for apps and to push the envelope further, a Mac Mini which turns your media setup into an actual computer. Similarly to the Mac Mini, the addition of a gaming console like the Xbox will change the whole gaming experience. Feel immersed in the game from your seats with a 100-inch screen view.

An empty room merged with technology can instantly transform into a domain of imagination and adventure. A home movie theatre can be anything from basic to advance; an optional on-going project that will bring the family together with just a couple of media elements. 



It has been a trying but eventful period as we go through a consecutive TOP every month till year end delivering more creative homes and pursuing different forms of building methods and materials.

 With our curiosity and pursuit of progress, we embarked on using light-weight structures and solid dry walls to move in tandem with technology and understanding how the Green Culture could manifest traditional building methodology. Our homes are finally being completed and we have now even provided Solar Energy to power our homes.

Self-sufficient homes may be the way to progress; sustainability will provide an added excitement when creating our future homes. What if we do not need an external source of energy to power the home? Or have the ability to harvest rain water to supply our household needs?

This may be a stepping stone for Nic & Wes to create The Ultimate Home of Tomorrow.

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Type: Bungalow

Tenure: 99-Years

List Type: For Sale

Land: 7,338 sq. ft. (approx)

Built Up: 8,600 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, pool, lift

Amenities: Close proximity to Sentosa beaches, RWS, USS, Vivocity.

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Sky (9834 3488)

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