SEPTEMBER 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 4)

Subject: SEPTEMBER 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 4)

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IN THE PIPELINE: Piecing It Together By Nicole Kow


Journeying through the aisles of a tile shop can be the most complex journey of putting a home together.  Glazed, homogeneous or natural stone, glossy or matt, smooth or textured, the combinations are endless and it is hard not to be in a state of utter confusion. Like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, tiles can cause the most mental chaos but being able to pick and choose the right pieces can also reveal a brilliant masterpiece. With no clear start but a definite finish, piecing tiles in a room is somewhat daunting and intimidating. Fear no more with our bag of tips to clear your tiling woes. 


How many tiles?

There aren’t any definite rules to tiling. Honestly it’s a no holds bar of expressionism and practicality. Like a blank canvas, the walls of your home give you the room to test and try different themes and colors.


While its important to make a mental note that different combination of tiles may clash, it does not mean that you should restrict yourself to using only two types of tiles. For the conservative homeowner, two tiles are more than enough to decorate a bathroom for instance. While its safe, why not try mixing ten tiles instead! One would think having ten tiles in a bathroom would look gaudy but if done tastefully can turn out extraordinary.


The thing to look out when picking more than 2 tiles is complementing colours and patterns that when brought together paints an abstract picture. Visualize a tropical bathroom could include a floor of faux wooden tile slate accents surrounded by a dessert of sandy looking tiles topped with variations of textured stone walls and a contrasting smooth marble vanity table top.

Types Of Tiles


Tiles come in a variety of materials - natural stones, homogeneous, ceramic, glazed and mosaic just to name a few. Whilst natural stones like marble can cost a pretty penny, the beauty of having a buffet of tiles available in the market allows you to purchase alternatives that look like the real stuff for a fraction of the price. Ceramic tiles are very versatile coming in a variety of designs – marble lookalikes to faux wooden tiles.


Tiles are generally low maintenance which differs from painted walls that would need touchups every now and then. With homogeneous requiring the least maintenance, marble contrastingly comes top for occasional maintenance due to its porous nature that can cause stains and chips overtime.

 Which Tile Where?

After picking the tiles of your choice, it’s time to plan which tile goes where. Although there are no strict guidelines to tiling a room, it’s good to keep certain guidelines in mind. While wall tiles are often spotted from tiling top to bottom, it is not essential to do so. Tiling a wall halfway can allow variation as well as hanging photo frames and memorabilia to maximize wall use. However, do note that this option is not applicable for shower walls where tiling all the way is essential.



Feature walls make magnificent focal points in a room. Distinctively textured, artistically patterned or boldly coloured make good tile options for feature walls. Tiling the focal wall while keeping the other walls neutral tone will have eyes shifting to the showstopper. Feature walls are perfect to have in the living rooms and bathrooms for that added pizzazz.

While beauty takes the cake in tiling, floor tiles are essential in overall practicality. Floor tiles can go on smooth or textured but its important to check that it is anti-slip. Living rooms and general rooms have the flexibility of smooth or textured but anti slip textured are most suitable in rooms where wet floor can make it slippery like bathrooms, laundry rooms and wet kitchens.

Tiling is one of the easiest ways of dressing up a room shell instantly and its flexibility makes it easy to work with. So the next time you walk into a tile shop, keep these little bits of pointers in mind and it might just make it a whole lot exciting than intimidating.




IN MY OPINION: The Landed Condo by Brian Kow

You must be wondering what is a Landed Condo? No, it’s not something out of Encounters Of The Third Kind. Instead I have come up with this term based on the expectations of our clients and what they want in a landed home.


The Landed Condo is simply a landed residential property that comes fully equipped with the space to accommodate the facilities of a condominium - gym, movie room, swimming pool, game room just to name a few. Gone are the days that all a house encompassed were bedrooms and a place to cook. Kitchens are typically smaller while bedrooms have increased proportionately as well as the new facility additions.


And that is what Nic & Wes has strived to convert landed properties into – Lifestyle Homes. Just a couple of years ago, the trend to live in condos were the favourable option due to its alluring facilities, but with the current affluence and affordability of landed property, homeowners no longer are limited to depending on country clubs for their leisure time when they can conveniently have it in the comforts of their own home.  

  TIP BITS: Fountain Of Youth

A new coat of paint can instantly give your home a new lease on life.



Type: Corner Terrace

Tenure: Freehold

List Type: For Sale

Built Up: 2,000 sq. ft.

Rooms: 3+1 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, utility room, store room, kitchen, living room, dining room, 1 room can be used as TV room

Amenities: Supermarket, Bus Stop, Eateries, POSB Bank (all within walking distance)

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Randell (8100 0810)

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