Solar Installation

Solar Installation
Providing a cost-efficient energy alternative to your home while saving the planet
Understanding the importance of sustainable living, Nic & Wes has opened its very own “green” department. We begin that first step towards incorporating “green” components into our projects by providing solar/photovoltaic (PV) installation.
The world is seeing a shift of how essential it is to work with Mother Nature rather than against it, which has seen much damage to the planet we call home. In a country like Singapore where Sun is of abundance, adopting solar can provide so many beneficial factors to our lives in the midst of contributing to saving our planet.
PV technology has rapidly advanced and become more cost effective in recent years making adoption more viable in residential homes. Running hand in hand with the current grid system, homeowners do not have to fear of power outage. In addition, excess energy may be sold back to the grid.
We at Nic & Wes have witnessed our clients’ openness to adopt solar into their homes and are able to provide that service in continuance to creating that true one-stop home-build solution.
Not only limited to installation in new homes, PV adoption may be possible in existing homes as well. If you may be interested to understand more about installing a PV system to run your home’s energy, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  



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