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MAY 2021 – Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 132)

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May , 1
MAY 2021 – Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 132)

There are some houses that prioritise function over design and then there are some that opt for design before functionality. Good design must encompass both but, a great design understands how to weave both components with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind. This home does just that. This issue we journey into the crab.

While most people embark on a full rebuild by purchasing a new piece of property, the Tea family chose to do so on their existing place of residence. Approaching us for them was the first time embarking on the design & build route and we are glad that we could shed some light on this effective alternative that been building momentum in recent years.

After working closely with them to create a tailored home that suited the family’s lifestyle and taste, a design-centric home inspired by an iconic Singapore dish – The Chilli Crab was created.

Its unique ultramodern curved profile and deep hues take centre-stage amidst the neighbouring facades of contemporary designed houses. With details at every turn, we’ll only focus on the highlights of its interiors for this issue.

For a two-storey home, its grandeur stems from its abundance of high ceilings not just on the ground floor but throughout. Glass panels are cleverly placed to create a feature that fuses in with the intricacy of the design.

Its communal areas including the entrance and living space are designed in an inclusive layout with easy access and openness.

The dining area tucked to the back of the home reveals a more intimate yet inviting space for the family to dine in while being surrounded by views of lush and neatly aligned foliage.

To the side, the entrance to its spacious kitchen creates a less formal dining setting for the family to congregate. With an island counter in the middle, the dry kitchen doubles up as a preparation station before proceeding further into the wet kitchen. Another useful feature to note is the pantry shelving that stores cereal, oats, coffee and tea. With its shallow shelving design, it makes access convenient.

Proceeding up to the second floor, it is hard not to notice the beauty that comes from a curve staircase. Like an art installation, its ebony granite tread stands out in contrast to the ground floor’s overall white aesthetic.

The ceiling itself reveals hints of the beautiful curvature which follows the roof profile. Windows are strategically lined along the uppermost portion of the ceiling to maximise the amount of natural light entering into the home.

Each bedroom reveals a spacious yet private sanctuary tailored to accomplishing more than just rest. Each room also includes a work station and sitting space.

The bathrooms are designed with a hotel-esque feel. For the master bathroom, mosaic panelling creates a beautiful contrast and texture to the accompanying smooth glazed porcelain tiles. Opting for a more practical shower space, a ledge doubles up as a bench.

Grandeur doesn’t necessarily mean packing a home with a large number of rooms, sometimes its understanding and identifying your needs while fusing it with details and clever design. We are glad to have provided a positive home build journey for the Tea family and they were kind enough to write us a beautiful testimonial as well.

The experience from building our home from start to finish with Nic & Wes has been nothing but a hassle-free and pleasant journey. Since the beginning, Brian, the Managing Director of Nic & Wes showed genuine intentions to help us home-owners to build our dream home. Moreover, he puts in effort to establish a bond based on trust – with us. He was there, during and even after the process of building our home. In summary, Brian bothers to keep in contact with us as friends – and not just building a relationship with us for business purposes.

The exterior design development of our dream home by their in-house designer (Laisee) has earned us many flattering compliments from family, friends and even strangers who walk by. Furthermore, their interior designer (Regine) has always accompanied us patiently to meticulously assist us in narrowing down options – from choosing tiles – to bathroom accessories. Regine was always there to ensure that the compatibility and aesthetic aspects of the house design was aligned.

In addition, staff from Nic & Wes such as Somu, Arul, Kumar, Eileen and William are always ready to render a hand whenever we need it. They would always give us suggestions and recommendations based on their expertise to ensure that we get our dream home with quality materials.

These are just some of the many positive experiences that we have gotten from Nic & Wes in these 3 and a half years’ journey in building our dream home.

The final outcome of our beautiful home was exactly what we have imagined. The journey was made much simpler and smoother with Nic & Wes.

Once again, thank you Nic & Wes for making our dream home a reality!

Mrs Tea

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