APRIL 2011 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 11)

Subject: APRIL 2011 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 11)

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 APRIL 2011 ISSUE 11

In The Pipeline: Turning Over A New Leave By Nicole Kow


A neighbourhood probably sees a house change a few times in a lifetime. These changes are usually seen once in a ten to twenty year period, if not more. From a complete demolish to minor modifications, new or even existing home owners enjoy to see their homes tweaked with the times. This semi-detached is no different with the aesthetic makeover it has gone through, about fifteen years since it went through a major modification.

Although fifteen years ago saw a façade tweak, moving from its dated Spanish arches to a more modern tropical facelift, it was only five years ago that some rooms were revamped to suit the family. Slight tweaks across the years always keeps a home fresh.


And this year once again it experienced another façade change from its modern tropical style to a colonial black and white home. The beauty about its ever changing looks is that a little work only needs to be done without any major damage. To achieve the aesthetic feel of a black and white colonial home, a fresh coat of white paint filled the entire façade while black was carefully slicked on to bring together the basics of a colonial home.


A decent garden space plays a nice contrast to the monochromatic tones of the home. Tall helicornias border the garden bringing attention to anyone who passes by while luscious green and neat carpet grass surround the area. A perfect place to hold garden parties.


Walking into the home, spaciousness is a distinctive element. With two living rooms on either side, entertaining on a larger scale is not a problem.


A step further in and its dining room just emphasizes on the abundance of space. The walls, a common trend on the first storey, are decked out with beading that brings to mind an English manor with a modern twist. From the can, the coffee coloured paint was a question mark to slap all over the first storey walls but its result looked impeccably tasteful to say the least. The rich yet creamy hue, brought a warmth to the homely nature of the home.


The kitchen’s original state was rather dated with olive hued tiles and laminated wooden doors which darkened the kitchen even in the day. With new tiles and new cabinets, the kitchen’s makeover was a dramatic transformation from its previous state. Like its outside façade, the kitchen gleamed in white with black colour blocking accents. The white brightened the overall look which appeared even more spacious than before.


The staircase’s original carpeted finish which experienced wear and tear over the years was brought back to life with a new set of dark stained parquet.


Up to the second floor, each room was given a fresh coat of paint with the granny’s room now in sky blue from its previous pink walls. Giving it an English country-style theme, a poster bed complete with fringe and floral side lamps to match add subtle hints of flavour to the room.


The master bedroom, which breaks from the rest of the home, revolves around a tropical theme. Wooden and brown furniture trends throughout this bedroom with Palimanan features on the wall which were kept previously.



As the bathrooms on the second storey were one of the more recent additions to the home, it remained untouched.


Finally, the balcony which links the granny’s room and the master room was updated with a new coat of varnished decking and a paint job. The plants that initially grew there were removed leaving a neater backdrop for its existing water feature.

Just a few aesthetic alterations and additions instantly breathed new life into each part of this home. It just goes to show how one home evolved with the times.


IN MY OPINION: Land or Home By Brian Kow

With the land scarcity in Singapore, it’s only natural that demand for landed property continues to increase. Private property prices have continued to surge with the times that owning a landed residential property is becoming less affordable for the masses and only for a percentage of the population.

However, with the millions pumped into acquiring a desired piece of property isn’t it ashame when one does not optimize the land by building a comfortable house upon it?

In retrospect, building costs only sum up to a fraction of the land cost, so why not take advantage of creating a conducive home that encompasses your dream list - it isn’t out of reach.

TIP BITS: Maintaining Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has one of the more gorgeous finishings. Here are some tips to maintaining your parquet:

1. Use a soft bristle broom when sweeping the floor to prevent scratches

2. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent absorbtion which can lead to permeanent staining

3. Similarly when mopping, keep the mop damp to prevent water absorbtion

4. While moving furniture around the house, it is recommended to use furniture coasters to prevent scratches which can easily damage the floor



Type: Condominium

Tenure: 99-year

List Type: For Sale

Built In: 1,356 sq. ft.

Rooms: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study room

Amenities: BBQ pit, covered car park, clubhouse, gym, multi-purpose hall, playground, steam bath, swimming pool, tennis court, wading pool, security

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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