AUGUST 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 3)

Subject: AUGUST 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 3)

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At a first glance, you might not take a second look at the original condition of this rather cramped intermediate terrace. Lodged closely between its neighbours, it’s hard to picture villa potential. However, with foresight and vision, owners of Nic & Wes Brian and Jude Kow have brought their creative visions to reality with this very house which they now call home.

Situated comfortably in the east, they have transformed what was once old and dull to a one-of-a-kind tropical villa. Taking close to one and half years of work, it looks nothing like its original state. You would never think opulence and tropical living be used in the same sentence – well, at least until now. With their love for favourite vacation spot, Bali and Jude’s strong taste in all things bling, comes a fusion of Tropical Glam clearly seen throughout the home. Close attention to detail has been paid from the type of rocks used creating instant feature walls to the fusion of tiles in each area.


As you enter the home for the first time you will be greeted by a clean-cut minimalist wooden door, an open concept pond, lanterns and a cool gust of wind - playing on the elements of nature.



The living room carries on the tropical theme with the play on dynamic pride land paintings and earthly toned walls all the way to the compact kitchen and spacious dining area. Continuing on to the open walkway to the maid’s and grandparents’ spacious rooms, it’s hard not to be in awe. Catching the site of tall, luscious trees and the sounds of exotic birds which fly around the area, you forget that you’re still in Singapore.


A walk down to the basement is a sight to behold. A lap pool with a cascading rock wall bridges the master bedroom from another bedroom.


With an extreme change from the rest of the house, the bedroom belonging to daughter, Nicole is lavishly furnished in an aristocratic French feel. Paying close attention to furnishing detailing, the room injects a modern feel to the theme. Her glass doors open up to the exotic view of the pool with a personal lazy pool situated right outside her room.





Building a Balinese-style door forms the entrance to the master bedroom to create the illusion of a private villa. With a bar and a sitting area overlooking the pool, it is a serene sanctuary to entertain or chill in the evenings after a hard day at work. Enter into the master room and the tropical glam vibe oozes the most. With a magnificent double-storey closet, it is quite like entering into an exclusive showroom. Making full use of the limited space in the backyard turns into a luscious backdrop of plants. Cozy and luxurious at the same time, the master bedroom is much like an African adventure.


The final floor to this tropical getaway continues to surprise. With a comfy movie room, it also conveniently doubles up as a stage area for jamming and partying. Just opposite, find yourself in their son, Wesley’s oriental themed domain. Richly furnished displaying an extravagant piece of art, you’d imagine the Forbidden City to be this exotic.



Just outside, a luxurious use of space tucked away at the back is for evening entertaining with a lush fusion of tropical plants and trees paving the way to the laid back gazebo that turns into a cosy relax area and a dining hut for four. With its beautiful piece of BBQ hardware completing the outdoor entertainment area, it is equally romantic to head out to watch the sun setting in the evenings with a glass of wine. 0510i

Time, passion and a good team have helped bring this house to life. Many people would find it hard to sum up this complete lifestyle living in just one word. But for the Kow family, this place is not just a structure of beauty but, to them its home.



About 2 years ago, we never intended on moving home. It was a usual hobby of my wife and I to head down to view houses for sale which could lead to a potential opportunity. One of the properties that we stumbled upon was stacked between the other terrace homes. Very original in condition and gasping out for a transformation. Immediately our minds coalesced simultaneously. Creative imagery of unleashing this unpolished diamond flowed through our heads. And the rest is history...

When we look at properties, the first thing that goes through our minds, especially with old properties, is to imagine what we can do to take these homes to a much different level. The skeleton is already there for us, all we have to do is inject and infuse charm and creativity making it a unique and memorable home. I believe that no home is too small to make into a dream home. It is all about letting your mind go wild and not to be encased by too many rules and restrictions.

Thinking outside the box has helped me many a time to envision and create unique homes for my clients and now for my family as well. Read on to In The Pipeline to take a visual walk into my new home.



All properties have inner potential; it is for the prospect to see a little further than what meets the eye!





For Sale $1,250,000

Type: Condo

Built In: 1087 sq. ft.

Tenure: Freehold

Rooms: 3+1 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Hall, Kitchen

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Gym, BBQ Pit, Carpark

Amenities: Petrol Station, Police Post, Eateries, Bus Stop (all within walking distance)

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Randell (8100 0810)

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