FEBRUARY 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 33)

Subject: FEBRUARY 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 33)

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Back in 2002, the Nic & Wes branding began as builders with a unique approach to home-building. Since then it has continually envisioned to cultivate the one-stop shop approach for all things real estate. With its forte in design and building of landed residential properties, the Nic & Wes brand has expanded from Builders and Construction to apartment makeovers with Nic & Wes Creative Living and its most recent arm the Nic & Wes Realtors division that was set up three years ago to take care of sourcing, selling and rentals of residential properties.

Creating complimentary departments not only allowed us to expand and diversify but more importantly to provide an all-rounded service to the needs and wants of the cliental under one roof. Sometime in 2012, we embarked on a couple of projects that allowed our building and realtor departments to work hand in hand providing that complete service. One such project was that of a single-storey intermediate terrace situated in the east.    

An originally quaint single story abode, the house was reconstructed from its original approximately 2,200 sq. ft. land with a built-up of less than 2,000 sq. ft. to an unrecognisable three-storey modern resort-style home Lifestyle Home with a whopping built-up of approximately 4,500 sq. ft.

Conceptualized, designed and built by Nic & Wes Construction, this Lifestyle Home challenged yet gave us the freedom to think out of the box with the constraints of an inter-terrace home. Like many of our Lifestyle Homes, Nic & Wes packaged this Resort-styled home up to the finishing touches of interior design and decoration. While Nic & Wes does not specialize in interior decoration, turn-key projects as such lets clients’ receive a complete home upon completion as an option.


As a trend with Nic & Wes Lifestyle Homes, feature walls play an important part in creating dimension to the home from its contrasting smooth walls. From the boundary wall to the facade, stone walls and wood accents accentuate the feeling of nature revealing the warm and inviting environment of a tropical vacation.



As the gates part, the wooden doors reveal a decent driveway long enough to park the family car. To the side, a quaint but essential garden patch of luscious hues of greenery softens the concrete exterior. With an outdoor dining directly opposite, the compact garden becomes a tranquil backdrop of nature with its vivid greens gently seeping through the surrounding curtains of the area.


Gently pushing the main door, the first sight reveals a quick glimpse to a large part of the first-floor in a flash. Beginning with a spacious living room, entertaining on the first floor becomes a decent space to accommodate a large number of guests with the option of expanding the space for spill-overs to the outdoor dining that is separated by full length glass French doors.



An undeniable challenge of design in intermediate terrace homes stems from the lack of light and air which Nic & Wes designers enjoy embarking on to reveal unique design concepts that eliminate such hindrances. While incorporating an air-well was imperative, designing an air-well with a view and more turned from concept to reality with the home’s sufficient width. Towering through three floors, the show-stopper of the home is equipped with automatic shutters that allow a great deal of light and air into the home which highlight the textured rock formation waterfall designed in-house by Nic & Wes. Lining the area with potted plants adds to the ethereal rainforest vision while a wooden decking creates relaxing area for afternoon teas or morning yoga.


On to the second portion of the first floor, the dining area tucked to the deeper part of the home is located in close proximity to the open-concept kitchen that optionally becomes an independent space by sliding the installed glass door for heavy cooking.


A study room secluded to the back of the home is a room with a view of the air-well. Working or studying in the middle of the rainforest definitely takes the pressure away.

Heading up to the second floor, the choice of wooden open-riser staircase is usually an interesting switch from traditional stairs.


Unlike many houses, this home uniquely situates a communal sitting area that overlooks the impressive air-well.



Apart from the bedrooms, a junior master creates the option for multi-generation families to live together under one roof. Looking out to the air-well as well as the view of the neighbourhood, this room has more than enough light and ventilation while spacious to include a sitting area that overlooks the cascading waterfall. Together with a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite there isn’t much more than one could ask for in a bedroom.

Journeying to the third and final floor, the space is decked with high ceilings taking advantage of the height of the roof’s inclination to keep it broad and open.




The master bedroom, another spacious room similarly includes a sitting area alongside the essentials with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. To the back of the room, the void area where the roof slopes to its springing line is converted into a mini balcony overlooking the roofs of the many homes of the neighbourhood becomes a convenient place to take in some fresh air before starting the day.


A common trend throughout the home, the use of full-length windows and doors maximises the amount of light and air flow throughout all the rooms.


A large semi-enclosed roof terrace situated to the front of the third floor becomes another accommodative outdoor space to chill especially as the sun sets and the evening breeze flows. With its abundant space, the tiled area decks out easily with a bar for evening entertaining as well as a daybed and opium table to relax while catching the latest on DVD with a cleverly situated projector screen.

Put out on the market a little over a month ago, this home saw parades of visitors curious to see what the latest Nic & Wes show house on display had to offer. With Nic & Wes Realtors marketing the property, it wasn’t long before this beauty got snapped up… and fast! For Nic & Wes, it was a great achievement to begin 2013 to see our vision unfold – where strategic design and build together with complimentary marketing equals to success and appreciation for unleashing the potential of a hidden real estate gem.



We live in the tropics and on a beautiful island, yet we are not tapping into the lifestyle that is so inherent on this piece of land surrounded by safe and calm waters.

When we think of islands, do we imagine Maldives, Bali, Phuket, Pulau Tioman, Hawaii or a bustling city with traffic jams and busy work weeks? Unfortunately or fortunately, this is life in sunny and sometimes wet Singapore.

Then looking at the residential scene, the house we come back to, there is so much potential in transforming it into an exotic getaway or your fantasy retreat inevitably living in beautiful Lifestyle Homes.

What do we do most of our lives - "Work!" And what do we do after work? We spend at least eight hours a day in this place we call home and I do believe that we can make this not just a physical home but one that has the ambience and facilities that let us unwind and enjoy the company of our family, as a reprieve and deserving right from what we had laboured from our day at work.

Looking back then and today, we still believe that it is not just houses that we design and build but the creation of the homestay experience that would encompass not just functionality but the ability to push the envelope further by creating a lifestyle experience that would keep the family wanting to come back to this abode called Home.

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Type: Condominium

Tenure: Freehold

List Type: For Rent

Built In: 300 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen

Amenities: Close proximity to supermarket, food centres, 5 min drive to airport, ECP

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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