JULY 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 2)

Subject: JULY 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 2)

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      JULY 2010 ISSUE 2



Gone are the days when landed property was meant to comfortably shelter their owners. These days, homeowners are expecting much more in their place they call home – in-house gyms, elevators, piped-in music just to name a few. Within the last 12 months, Nic & Wes has been approached by a handful of clients interested to have pools added on to their existing or new homes. Pools are slowly becoming a staple amenity to compliment the home.


The luxury of royal blue or exotic turquoise adding that pop of colour to a house was once seen owned only by the wealthy. These days, with the standards of living having risen, what was once only as a dream is now a plausible reality to many.

  However, the sight of pool isn’t just meant for beautifying purposes or an addition to an exercise regiment, this little jewel also adds value to a home. While a pool is more accessible to own these days, it is still not a norm in most landed homes. A feature like this no matter where it is placed is a guaranteed wow factor to any visitor and potential buyer as well.


  Just imagine walking in to a home for the first time with the expectation of the usual presence of a kitchen, bedrooms and the basic necessities. But then as you journey further into the home, you chance upon the sight of water flowing through a decent sized lap pool. You can’t help but just be in surprise and awe. Pools are the perfect selling point to play on to get that premium price for a home.

  So which type of pool is appropriate for your home? As Nic & Wes have noticed while building pools in clients’ homes, lap pools or mini lap pools are ideal.

  With land constraints that many face, a slim line, clean cut, rectangular pool fits nicely at the side of the home without occupying too much of space. However, if land is not a restrictive factor for you, a kidney shaped pool allows you to create a more relaxed tropical oasis within your garden.


  Water features nicely compliment any pool shape enhancing the aquatic area further. Features like a waterfall or rock walls create the aura of nature like one you would find in an exotic  rain forest. For a modern feel, the use of pots or glass as the mouth for water to gush into the pool creates a contemporary vibe for easy decoration.


  The misconception homeowners face is that their homes are too small or cramped to accommodate a pool. However, with the proper optimization and organization of space, it is possible to set a pool even in the humble intermediate terrace.

  Nic & Wes Builders have proven that very possibility creating luxurious yet decent sized pools in the most challenging of settings.


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We have incorporated a realtors wing to help our clients sniff our great property deals as well as offering enhancing schemes to give their properties a better value in the resale market. Contact Randall (8100 0810) to assist you or check out the available listing on our website.



Every now and then it is refreshing when I spot an eye catching car on the streets like my most recent sighting of the TD2000 which is a replica of the vintage MG Roadster. An eye-catching car like that brings together the essence of the old world charm with present day technology. My interest in unique cars is similar to that same passion I have for creating unique and functional homes.

My aspirations have been to create themed Lifestyle Homes meaning homes that one can identify oneself with. Every homeowner has its own unique interests and characteristics that people identify themselves with. For my wife and I it would be Bali. When that word comes to mind it reminds me of relaxation, tranquil settings - paradise in short. And with that idea in mind, our homes have embodied the tropical essence of a holiday getaway. Since we don’t live in Bali, we have brought Bali to us. And this type of themed lifestyle living can be personalized and created in any home. I’m not just talking about tropical homes but any kind of theme – classical, modern, rustic and the list goes on.

I’ve always believed that your house is your sanctuary and it should embody the lifestyle that you dream of living. In doing so, it will give you much more reason to look forward to heading home after a stressful or tiring day at work where you can leave your inhibitions away from the boundaries of the sanctuary you call home.

Tip Bits: Aquatic Charm

It is easier than you think! Adding a water feature to a space can instantly create a therapeutic feel. If you enjoy the echoes of nature, the sound of water trickling down can leave you hypnotically relaxed after a hard day.

While the aquatic sounds are just the icing on the cake, sculptures and vases beautify the space while camouflaging the bits that make up the water feature.

If space is restrictive in the home, compact table fountains are easy to maintain while creating a similar feel.


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