JULY 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 38)

Subject: JULY 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 38)

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JULY 2013 ISSUE 38

The internet has become such a resourceful avenue to research and stumble upon unique home inspiration ideas. A never-ending collection of anything and everything under the sun. From sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest its almost expected that there will be an eye-catching image containing an awe-inspiring design or innovative home accessory that instantly goes into one’s personal home wish list.

Such designs and innovations once integrated into a simple home space instantly ups the ante revealing a unique sense of living. Unique living can many a time be luxurious but at the same time even trending along the lines of eccentrism. While eccentrism may reflect a rather negative connotation, it encompasses the ideology to break the boundaries of convention. This month we take a look at a bunch of interesting designs and innovative concepts from around the world that caught my eye recently.

Starry, starry night 


Who doesn’t love a night sky blanketed with a celestial twinkle? Bringing the magical night indoors to sparkle changes the whole atmosphere of the designated room. This concept would suit a bedroom or a movie room. Using fibre optics creates a subtle luminescent sparkle minus the heat.

Under The Sea



From travelling up to the stars to diving into the sea… or at least the feel of it. Transparent pools bring an updated twist to the water-filled tank and ever-popular essential accessory to homes these days. While it becomes a little less private, attaching a single side to a basement room creates a divine underwater nautical scape backdrop. The fish tank effect gives the home a submerged feel which is especially suitable for rooms without windows. 

Merry Go Round


For those shoe fanatics, this is a must-have. The automated shoe carousel houses a good number of shoes with which a press of a button rotates to reveal the rest of the stash concealed within the cabinet. Ingenious and a smart organizational addition to add to a walk-in wardrobe.

Car Stack 


Space issues still tend to pop up even in landed residential properties especially when it comes to parking cars. Many households have more than one car so parking outside of the premises is usually the next best option. The useful contraption of a car elevator allows space maximisation within the home’s driveway being able to park more than one within the perimeter of the home.

Child’s Play


Instead of taking the boring stairs, why not slide down into a room? While it might not be practical in the long run, it is an interesting alternative entrance to a kid’s play room.

Hide & Seek



Hidden rooms were known to be popular in old castles and manors for added privacy or to conceal things that weren’t meant to be found. Nowadays, it can add a unique take on space planning. Concealed doors that mirror a book shelf in a library or a mock ticketing counter are more of a novelty than anything else. A great design idea to conceal a study room, bathroom or craft room keeping it private or an fascinating entrance to a movie room.

 Room With A View


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home transported to any part of the world? An especially ideal feature to have in basements or rooms that lack windows, virtual windows create the effect of the outdoors through LCD screens allowing the room to feel like its opening out to a tropical island, urban dwelling, snow mountain and pretty much virtually anywhere in the world.



We are finally in the last stages of our coffee table book compilation with many of your beautiful homes titled, “In A Decade - Lifestyle Homes by Nic & Wes”

This truly visual book takes us through sixteen beautifully conceptualized and built homes incorporating terraces with swimming pools, homes with elevators, creative movie rooms, gardens at open rooftops and a host of interesting features that add up to lifestyle living.

Designed and compiled by Nicole, The Nic of Nic & Wes, this is going to print shortly and would be launched by the third quarter of 2013. With the value add of my dear wife Jude and son Wesley, The Wes of Nic & Wes, this was truly an exciting and cohesive joint family effort to produce.

Why not create functional yet stunning homes that encompass the “Wow Factor” or Dream Concept? This allows both the joys of luxury living and creative value add to really envelope yourselves in a concept home of your own imagination. Why Not?

It usually boils down to pricing or should this be looked at as a priceless value add?

"Designing and Building Lifestyle Homes To Be Proud Of!"

[click on image for more info]

Type: Office Space

Tenure: 99-Years

List Type: For Sale

Built Up: 2347 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: Large, open space ideal as HQ for MNCs, for expanding local companies or as an serviced office.

Amenities: Located within Chinatown and next to Chinatown MRT Station.

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Sky (9834 3488)

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