JUNE 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 1)

Subject: JUNE 2010 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 1)

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     JUNE 2010 ISSUE 1



   Let’s journey back in time to the 1800s when the island of Singapore saw exquisite bungalows uniformly adorning the black and white monochromatic exteriors. Built on abundantly spacious plots of land, the luscious greenery surrounding these majestic houses set the backdrop for its harsh contrasting shades. Fast forward to present day Singapore, it is not an everyday affair to spot the black and white colonial homes of a time long ago. However, for home owners, Samn and Peter Scully, they wanted to recreate the classic colonial style homes only seen tucked away in areas like Tanglin and Seletar.

   Located in the east of Singapore, this statement home stands out in the estate like a glimpse into the past. Passersby marvel at its unique authenticity wishing for a dream home as such. Just a simple single storey home with a 1,800sq.ft. built up, the Scully’s envisioned their dream home come to life at that very spot. Being clear about what they wanted in their new home made it easier for Nic & Wes to bring their dream to life. Fast forward 11 months later, and the family of four have comfortably settled into their now 4,300sq.ft. colonial styled nest.



    Stepping in to this home the authentic characteristics are noticeably evident – black and white exterior accompanied with solid minimalist pillars and balustrades. Like the typical colonial homes, the presence of a luscious garden welcomes visitors as well as a biological community of critters.



   The abundance of natural breeze flows through the first floor, keeping the living room and dining area constantly cool and airy. To the side of the house, a baby light green aquatic fibreglass dip pool and a luscious array of plants draw a picturesque view from the dining area making it an ideal spot to entertain guests.



       Unlike most homes, the spacious master bedroom is situated on the ground floor. Within the room, walls segregate the privacy of the bedroom from its connecting study and music room which often echoes the sounds of the piano’s melodic tune.


    On to the second floor, holds three bedrooms, another study room, store room and common toilet. The Scully’s two children, Marcel and Manuella, spend much of their time in their rooms which are designed to their liking. Marcel’s room is designed simplistic and spacious allowing him to study and relax, fully equipped with his own personal bathroom. Their youngest, Manuella, chills out in her Anna Sui-esque themed purple and black room which opens out to a balcony overlooking the luscious greenery of fauna and flora.


   Recreating the likings of a colonial styled home expects much attention to detailing to its original counterparts while still being practical enough for modern day living. For Nic & Wes it gives us a challenge as well as a play on bringing old world charms back to life, allowing us to push the envelope on design.



 Lightning Special




  Private residential property movement is more gradual and lags in comparison with the stock market. It gives you the time to make more informed decisions in buying and selling the so-called commodity. I find this a much easier market to invest in. From a personal standpoint, I prefer investing my money in real estate. Why you may ask?

  After years of investing and understanding the real estate market, I have observed certain favourable characteristics. With real estate investment, one never has to worry about its value tumbling to zero. Its tangible and physical nature allows you to have the control to create added value.

  Property investment does not necessarily mean buying more than one property. It could mean buying a piece of property, creating value to it, enjoying and living in it and at the same time reaping its capital gains especially so in land scarce Singapore. And even in a down market, rental is an option that allows you to earn, defraying the monthly mortgage loans.

  Compared to the stock market, which can be highly volatile in nature, banks are more willing to give homeowners a loan when purchasing real estate. And expect better interest rates as well!

  Investing in the stock market is not in any way a bad thing, but for me personally it’s my way of creating a piece of art and at the same time enjoying the fruits of my labour.



Did you know that you can start generating a profit from property the moment you make your purchase in a up or down market?

With property prices sky-rocketing recently, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to stumble on a great deal. Keep your eyes and ears opened and you might find available plots selling below market value – fire sales and/or distressed owners looking to make a quick sale, just to name a few. What may cost $1.2 million today could easily value for $1.5 million in the near future.

With the land scarcity in Singapore, history trends have shown that due to the demand in landed property, holding has created more value than speculative flipping.


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