JUNE 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 37)

Subject: JUNE 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 37)

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JUNE 2013 ISSUE 37


A look into our project archival, a retro 1980s façade became a home of choice to be revamped into a modern oriental themed home with just a mere makeover. Privately located to the end of a quiet street in the East, the original state was almost a carbon copy of its neighbour. Plum tiled roof topped with a glaze of gloss, Fanlights located above doors and windows throughout, bulbous balustrades and almost prison-like grills were a traditional mismatch that screamed for a change.

Across a two month span, this 3,500 sq.ft. home slowly blossomed out of its cocoon of the past emerging into a new and improved abode.

Trending on an Asian inspired approach, this home began with working on the outside façade replacing its original retro features with more clean-lined structured pieces. Wooden slats disguised its boxy structure changing the façade without any major structural changes.


Built above road level, a gradual gradient extends the car porch up to the entrance of the home. A garden located to the right makes up the remainder of the front featuring a simple yet effective use of garden space for landscaping. Majestic concrete pillars decoratively pave the edge of the porch like that from an ancient civilization.


Entering into the home, imperial hues of reds and yellows garners the effects of the Oriental theme in a cohesive blend with the streamline furniture.


Working with the existing structure of the home changing the aesthetics became the vital angle of action to improve this home. An existing split level maintained becomes an interesting play of space without the congested markers of using walls. A previous traditional balustrade at the upper portion of the split level, matching its staircase, was replaced with an elegant glass banister demarking the dining and sitting area.


Heading up the existing flight of concrete stairs overlaid with a new set of parquet returns the set to its pristine state. While journeying up a traditional stairwell may bring about a slight spook due to its darkened area, these steps takes in the sight of the grandeur of the first floor with its jewelled tones walls working with contrasting dark shades like that of a yin and yang symbol of opposing sides coming together in a harmonious balance.


Without too much effort, a walk up reveals the second storey with a conducive landing extending on to a congregative space that overlooks an existing balcony encouraging natural light and air to flow through the level. Contrasting from the imperial tones on the first floor, the second floor meddles in the more calming and earth-loving charm of Zen with walls in a neutral shade of cream.


Keeping with the calm serenity of colour choice, a simple bedroom space is slicked with a calmer hue of the imperial yellow. The pastel choice garners a peaceful ambience with a cheerful accompaniment.


As with most master rooms distinctively standing out from the rest of the bedrooms, it was essential to delve back into the strong colour palette. Ruby reds and coal blacks creates a bold juxtaposition of a chic regal nature.


As a bathroom is a transitional place to somewhat unwind before getting into the motion of the next mode of action, returning to that serenity of Zen was key in the remodelling of this bathroom. Earthly tones and hints of greenery evoke a sense of escapism to enjoy even if it’s for a short span of time.

Basic tweaks for a basic shell can uplift the spirit of the home to create a new vibe to the space. Sometimes it’s not about severe demolitions and remodelling but being able to see past the existing state and working with the basic blocks of design to reveal an improved form of its former self.



Land with its limited supply has always intrigued me and the ability to make more effective use of its nature with some creativity and tweaks to transform houses into Lifestyle Homes. Thus these factors represent the journey of delving in to the Design & Build procurement.

Simplicity - With 70,000+ landed homes in Singapore, we wanted to create a system to make the process as simple and as exciting for home owners to enable them to have the ready tools to develop their homes effectively and assist accordingly to blend harmoniously with their tastes.

Ability To Develop  - To creatively make better use of the space or plot of land. Build it outwards or upwards, this has become our forte to simply make the journey a valued and pleasant one.

Enhancing - Redevelopment does not have to be the main consideration. However, better utility of space and an effective modification of layout can convert this house into a Lifestyle Home.

Creativity - Like art form, the ability to transform a house into A Lifestyle Home does not cost "An Arm and A Leg," but some creative thoughts and ideas on paper that can transform this into a Lifestyle Reality. In landed houses, its is both the complimenting of the interior and exterior that makes the blend so exciting.

Land Scarcity - This is more pronounced today and more so in the future if the population expands. Just take a look at its value over the past 10 - 30 years, which has given testimony of its remarkable increase in value.

3 Key Professions - Great Architects, Responsible Structural Engineers and Qualified Builders working harmoniously towards one common goal - the creation of well-developed Lifestyle Homes, with one main contact point to minimise dilution in communication.

Effective Teamwork - When we embarked on this, that being the Design & Build procurement during its infancy 10 years ago, we have since built a full team of in-house designers and builders that symbiotically give us full and effective control of the building process, which has made the journey for both the homeowners and ourselves a pleasant and fulfilling one.

"Designing & Building Lifestyle Homes To Be Proud Of!"


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Type: Condominium

Tenure: Freehold

List Type: For Rent

Built In: 1668 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room (partially furnished

Amenities: Close proximity to Pasir Panjang MRT Station, easy accessibility to West Coast Highway

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Zulkifli (9777 7410)

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