MARCH 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 34)

Subject: MARCH 2013 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 34)

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When clients come to us looking to build their homes, a crucial question we ask is the theme or concept they have in mind. Designing a home can go in many different directions thus centering around a theme becomes a good starting point to work with.

Looking through books, apps, television, internet or driving around the various estates are useful resources when trying to figure out which theme suits the best. Each theme or concept have distinct characteristics that make them different from theme to theme which makes it more identifiable. Once a favourite theme of choice is established, working with the details and characteristics becomes easier during the conceptualisation and design processes.

This issue we take a look at some of the more popular choices of themes. While dissecting them as a guide to make each concept easier to identify and characteristics that make it distinct.




Engulfed in greenery and nature, the tropical design appeals largely because of the feeling of escapism. Like taking a vacation to places such as Bali or Phuket, the feeling of relaxation attracts homeowners to this type of theme.

Earthly tones like brown, cream, mustard and coffee colours trend throughout the interior and exterior of the home. Wood accents also play a major role in the tropical theme through banisters, window frames etc. Rock walls are the material of choice for exterior feature walls and rough for the interior.

With an array of exotic plants and trees available that flourish in tropical vacation climates like helicornia, coconut, palm and frangipani are commonly chosen to give that back to nature feel to the home.

Distinct features: Earthly tones and back-to-nature elements




While the European theme generalizes varied designs such as Classical, Gothic, Baroque and so on, opulence plays a key element in the various styles. A time where elaborate décor and architecture were embraced to reflect the wealth and status of the homeowner, European style continues to attract a niche market.

Marble flooring, towering columns with intricate detailing, double volume ceilings and filigree detailing are just part of the features that contribute to this luxurious style of living.

While the European theme encompasses a broad spectrum of eras, white or ebony are dominant colour characteristics of the theme especially when concentrating on the exteriors. Gold trimmings or accents during that era represented wealth and power which continue to be present in the homes though sometimes less elaborately through beading details.

Distinct features: White walls, elaborate and intricate detailing    




A common sight during the pre-war era in Singapore, colonial styled homes are a fusion of East meets West architecture.

Identifiable for its black and white façade, these homes usually include a porch or veranda as well as a decent surrounding garden space. Wooden framed windows typically painted black line the façade of the home over the contrasting white walls. Clay roof tiles, another typical feature of the theme are usually designed in a gable style.

Ranging from simple style cottages with a small porch to elaborate bungalows that consists of a veranda wrapping around the house, the commonality trends on the color scheme and strong but minimalist exposed columns which are distinctly present in colonial homes.

Distinct features: Black and white colour scheme, clay roof tiles, garden space  



Simplified minimalism at its best, the modern concept focuses a lot on simple geometrics such as rectangular or square shapes.

Not a theme that pays too much attention to the little details, this theme focuses on the aesthetics on a whole. Sometimes trending on a cold feel, the modern theme also opts for effortless design even up to the roofing which is more often made of metal.   

The modern theme comprises of clean lines with a no-fuss approach of easy maintenance which usually incorporates a neutral colour palette.

Distinct features: Geometrics, minimalism, metal roofing, clean lines




A blend of styles, contemporary is an almost rebel trend with no strict rules unlike the rest of the themes. Because of the fusion, contemporary is a canvas for the artist to take over.

Much like the modern concepts leaning towards clean lines, contemporary can take a bolder artistic approach that would include stark color contrasts such as seen in an Art Deco inspired home. Spanning from retro to futuristic, contemporary is a versatile theme for homeowners to experiment with.

Roofing steers away from traditional styles to stylistic geometrical roofing shapes commonly opting for metal roofs for their versatility.

With its artistic characteristic, contemporary takes design geometrics stylizing them with texture, juxtaposition and colour resulting in uniquely creative architecture.

Distinct features: Stylistic, artistic, blending of styles




Similar to tropical but bolder, the Asian theme can either focus on a single Asian culture like Oriental or fuse the various cultures to produce a melting pot of heritage and history.

A Peranakan theme for instance includes wood accents with a bright colour palette from the walls to the tiling. While an oriental theme would include royal colors like gold, mustard and/or red including the metallic accents.

Wood stained dark is a common characteristic in any Asian influenced theme. Antiquities too play an integral part in Asian aesthetics while lanterns as a popular choice for lighting options.

Distinct features: Wood, attention to colour palette, lanterns, antiques


Our Motto, "Designing & Building Lifestyle Homes To Be Proud Of!"

I guess this had just grown into us from our humble first home, where we made as best we could, with our meagre means to use bits and pieces to create interesting spaces.

We love the ability to work independently and push our concepts to test their feasibility and there's nothing better than getting first-hand experience. In time, we found what worked and what worked better. And what more when you could test your limits within your own home.

I sincerely have to thank my wife, Jude for constantly improving on the designs and concepts that I come up with, which inevitably raises the ante and from just building homes, she has incorporated the Lifestyle concept in. Some minor tweaks in design and placing of feature walls can totally change the style and create a significantly different value to a once seemingly simple house. And this is the fun part of "Our Job."

Planned layouts and space planning are the first steps to home building. A practical and efficient layout takes first priority followed closely by concept, facade and proportions. Thereafter, is to transform concept into reality.


DESIGNING - The most interesting segment, where passionate creativity is the name of the game.

& BUILDING - This is the exciting part where concept is transformed into reality.

LIFESTYLE - Creating "The Wow Factor" and/or "Concept Areas"

HOMES - Creating more than just a house but a recluse for the family members to find a compelling desire to rush back to this place called Home.

TO BE PROUD OF - Ensuring that the home is practical, functional, aesthetically beautiful and meets up with the family's requirements with improvements.

Once these elements are in place all that’s left is to enjoy the home!

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Type: Condominium

Tenure: 99-years

List Type: For Rent

Built In: 1,323 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, split-level, partly furnished

Amenities: Situated near Clementi, Dover and Buona Vista MRT Stations. Nearest schools include Nexus International School, Pei Tong Primary School, New Town Secondary School

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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