MAY 2014 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 48)

Subject: MAY 2014 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 48)

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MAY 2014 ISSUE 48


The best part about the conceptualization and design stages in a design & build procurement is understanding the homeowner and what appeals to them. From the initial meeting, we are able to gain insight that aids in the designing process. A refreshing change comes from homeowners who are daring and unafraid to incorporate unique elements into their home.

This home was no exception. Unlike most homes that shy away from including more than one set of staircase, this home embraced it. Just with one slight tweak, this intermediate terrace’s space orientation brought about a unique design.

Located slightly off the central part of Singapore, this intermediate terrace home’s plot was a little different from the typical which provided room for design play. Set below road level, its original state meant climbing down a flight of staircase to reach the main home. Still kept with its retro vibe iron sliding gate it was far from the modern look that its new homeowners yearned for. 

Acquiring the house with the help of our very own Nic & Wes Realtors, they looked to our building wing to revive their newly owned home. Deciding on a complete tear down, this home with a land size of approximately 2346 sq. ft. was conceptualised and design as a towering 3 1/2-storey home with a built up of approximately 4535 sq. ft.
From the street, it isn’t hard to spot the towering grey and white home amongst its rather original single-storey housing estate. Keeping the best part of its external façade a secret, each gate (that being the main and side) both reveal two unique features of the design. 


Unlike most homes that are about road level with relatively flat ground, this home uses its gradient to its advantage revealing a ramp down slope driveway that leads into a garage-like carpark situated within the basement of the home.


To the left, a midnight blue mosaic pool lines the front length of the boundary wall with cascading water-features.


The entrance of the side gate situated at road level brings on a unique play on levels. A bridge-like walkway that leads to a flight of stairs to the main entrance overlooks the elongated pool which from a visual perspective oozes modern chic.


Entering into the main floor, the hall, dining and kitchen are segregated into their respective spaces without being inhibited by walls emphasizing the depth of the home.


Centered within the main level, an air-well illuminates the dining providing a natural source during the day while windows at both ends of the home keeps the rest of the floor well-illuminated and ventilated. An unobtrusive air-well, it journeys up to the top floor providing a natural source to the rooms on the second floor as well.


Keeping the kitchen compact and practical at the same time, a galley kitchen provides the perfect option. Being situated to the back of the home, the kitchen makes use of the natural ventilation with sliding glass doors.


Below the first floor lies the basement which services the drivers with its very own entrance to the home. As with all fully built homes, a Civil Defense (CD) shelter is located there along with a communal space, maid’s room and backyard for the laundry and not to forget, a deep closet housing the family’s shoes.



Journeying back up, the second floor holds two spacious bedrooms that include both ensuite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobe spaces. Designed similarly, both rooms overlook the air-well space which breaks the monotony of traditional four walled rooms.


The final floor which is accessed through another fluid stairwell of honey-warm parquet steps reveals a designated entertainment floor. On one side, a media room serves to bring the family together while on the other side a spacious open roof terrace waiting to be filled with guests mingling over a scrumptious barbeque spread.


The highlight of this Nic & Wes project home lies in the use of stairs. Working with its rather unusual plot gradient, opting for a raised entrance allowed for a visually engaging use of the staircase and a more notable entrance; Simple tweaks that pulls away from conventional.


This question keeps popping up.  Do I build it bigger or do I make it look better? If your home could have both, that would be the ideal choice. However, price is usually the deciding factor or should I say value.
In pushing the boundaries of design, we sometimes sacrifice built-up to create unique features which inevitably create, "The Wow Effect."
Property valuation gives due consideration with the tangibles especially land, location and built-up space. However, pursuance of creative design and features has proven to add an intrinsic value, perceived or otherwise.
Our belief is the differentiating elements of creating a unique home is really through the thought process of design which ultimately transforms house to home and to add the icing on the cake, throw in the Lifestyle Elements.
Inevitably, we believe that what is of most importance is to create a comfortable environment that magnetise their occupants to a place they can proudly call Home.

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Type: Condominium

Tenure: Freehold

List Type: For Rent

Built In: 1539 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room

Amenities: Close proximity to Somerset, Chinatown, Outram MRT Station and schools (River Valley Primary School, Outram Secondary School, Overseas Family School)

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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