NOVEMBER 2011 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 18)

Subject: NOVEMBER 2011 - Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd Newsletter (Issue 18)

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Thank goodness for cable! With just a touch of the remote, an extensive media library is at the palm of your hands. Another great source of inspiration to fully immerse yourself in design aesthetics, TV shows bring you on a visual walkthrough of standout homes across the globe.

And while many shows run on a somewhat similar ideology, each TV Show still uniquely grabs attention making the idea of uniformity an excellent recipe to spend a minimum of half an hour to stop everything just to catch an episode which constantly awes and inspires. This issue we run down a playlist of TV shows readily airing on Starhub Cable TV. 

Grand Designs

Starhub Channel 432 [BBC Lifestyle]


A British television series hosted by Kevin McCloud. Each episode follows home owners on their journey to building their homes. From the initial brainstorming process and site visits, Kevin McCloud closely engages on the same journey as the enthusiastic home owners. Usually by the end of the episode, the home in focus in showcased in its completed glory.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Starhub Channel 432 [BBC Lifestyle]


Bringing a whole lot of heart to a home makeover, the the spinoff from the Extreme Makeover series spreads it transforming lives wings over to the lives of the less fortunate. Each episode follows a similar formula pulling on the heart strings of the family/community in focus. With a large team of skilled and unskilled volunteers headed by Ty Pennington, transforms the interiors, exteriors and landscape’s space in 7-days while the owners are on vacation. After the 7-days, the family returns to see the finish product which will leave a tear in you eye.

Top Ten

Starhub Channel 442 [Style]


Focusing on a specified aspect of design and/or architectural works, each episode goes through ten awe-inspiring rooms that encompass the theme of the episode. From heavenly bathrooms to spacious kitchens to luxurious poolside patios, this show brings you on a tour while also understanding the industry expert’s perspective on tips and how and why the respective spaces make it to the list.

 Clean House

Starhub Channel 442 [Style]


For the entertainment driven viewer, this tv show packs a punch with witty humour and unusual characters. Each episode follows a family’s bad habit of hoarding. With the help of the Clean House team, the family learns to let go of their junk in a garage sale where earnings go towards the home’s makeover. The end results show a 180 degree to the once cluttered homes making it livable for the family.

Teen Cribs

Starhub Channel 533 [MTV]


Teen Cribs is a spinoff from the popular MTV Cribs which brought us into the homes of the celebs. Teen Cribs takes a twist on MTV Cribs featuring normal teenagers living in extraordinary homes. Pimped out homes with interestingly designed and decorated rooms, expect to see bowling alleys, nightclubs, full-court gyms and more carefully designed by their parents to keep their kids entertained within the walls of their home.

Hidden Potential

Starhub Channel 432 [BBC Lifestyle]


This show marries the anticipation of house hunting with design potential. Each episode focuses on a couple or family looking to purchase a home. With the hidden potential team guiding them along the way, the home seekers are shown three homes that fit their budget. With each home, the Hidden Potential team virtually shows them how their needs and budget can be merged within the three homes. At the end of the show, the home seekers decide which home will best suit them.

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IN MY OPINION: The Unsung Heroes Part 1 By Brian Kow 

We have just completed and handed over two beautiful homes. From the first brick that is laid, a group of 30+ foreign construction workers are the core that make each house handover possible. A crew that wakes up daily and diligently, away from their families  starting their day at 8am and finish their set at 6:30pm. A whole 10.5 hrs every day - no complains, smiling, working thru rain and shine, mud and debris, with a half hour lunch and two small tea breaks, and they ask me, "Can we work on Sundays too?"

I asked Arrumugam, our bricklayer, "Why do you do this?" With a broad grin he says, "I have a family to feed." To them the more they work, the more their families get, which is why they are willing to work the extra hours. Isn't it funny how we tend to complain about the weather being too hot or too wet? Yet to them, it's all in a days work. A job which they do so willingly if it means keeping their family fed, clothed and sheltered. What is more ironic is the controversies that foreigners are taking our jobs which has in return resulted in the rise of levies but yet no local would want to partake in a job as such. Sometimes it really is sad to see how our complaints indirectly affect the people who need the jobs the most. If not for these men, who would be building our homes?

IN THE MEDIA: The Home Look


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Type: Condominium

Tenure: 99-Year Leasehold

List Type: For Rent

Built In: 1399 sq. ft. (approx)

Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, maid's room

Amenities: Full condo facilities, Close proximity to Nicoll Highway MRT, Promenade MRT and Stadium MRT Station, Close proximity to Pusat Pendidikan Azhar School, Hong Wen School and Hong Wen School

View Time: By Appointment

Contact: Elaine (9855 9552)

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