About Us

About Us
"We design and build homes for homeowners from the perspective of homeowners” Brian Kow, founder of Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd
Nic & Wes Builders Pte Ltd began as a vision put into action through founders (and husband and wife team) Brian and Jude Kow who as homeowners played an integral part in the building and designing of their own homes.
Through their home-build journeys, they faced the ups and downs of having to deal with multiple separate entities that being the contractor, the interior designer, the architect and the engineer. Being part of that integral equation, Brian and Jude felt a void in not only having to bring these parties together but also having to personally manage the home-build from start to end. It was evident that multiple personalities could easily clash and dominate if all we’re not in sync which brought about delays, miscommunication and escalating hidden costs.
Building one home after another, the hands-on experience they gathered coupled with a passion to create not just houses but homes inspired Brian and Jude to ultimately simplify that wheel for homeowners like themselves with the inception of Nic & Wes Builders in 2002.
Nic & Wes named after their two children completes the symbol of home – for home is where the family is. And with any Nic & Wes home, it goes beyond just brick and mortar but is created with heart as well.
So what exactly does Nic & Wes do?
By simplifying the wheel, Nic & Wes handholds homeowners from the exciting conceptualization stages right up to the anticipated completion. In other words, we become all you need to turn your home-build journey into a reality. We conceptualize, project-manage, liaise, build and deliver your home. There is no longer a need for homeowners to source for the relevant parties because we do it for you.
Our long-standing partnership with the relevant professionals (i.e. architects and engineers) ensures a smooth and dynamic home-build collaboration.
In addition with our in-house team in the respective fields of the industry handling the projects, clients have less to worry when it comes project scheduling as it minimizes the need to liaise with multiple bodies thus, reducing miscommunications - ultimately, being more cost effective.
Furthermore, enhancing our company's services, we also provide optional Interior Remodeling and Decorative services to provide that full in-house service in representing The Complete Reconstructed/Remodeled Home that you would be proud of.
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